Indy Ref 2 The force awakens.

We have all seen the reviews of the news in the last two weeks. The UK is in meltdown and the people who caused it have all resigned. Running to the hills, or perhaps more likely the to the Panamanian resorts where their money is based.Significant change has occurred. We even have prominent Treasury officials changing their view to say that Independence for Scotland is a more realistic and achievable option than two years ago.

So what do people like us do?

We are running YES pages on Facebook .Do we wait for politicians to tell us what to do. Hell no! 

Here is what you can do.If you live in Scotland you can look to see if you have a local Yes page on Facebook for your area. Try and get it going again by offering to repost articles from this page and others or volunteer to be involved.

Join the SNP and contribute to your local branch. Let people know about this page and pages like it.

Encourage people you know to challenge everything the mainstream media says-we have been lied to before and what has just happened regarding EU Exit proves that to be true.

The Yes Movement will rise again but this time we will win.In the process we need to put aside all issues that might get in the way.

We at Yes Scotlands Future do not care if your page is bigger than our page. Ego is not a winning ingredient in the cause for our freedom.

Humility and solidarity among all YES pages is the answer. We have seen the re-awakening of some informal YES activity in recent weeks. No wonder because of the debacle in London. It is time to wake up and co-ordinate. It is time to get ready for the real deal because this time it is going to happen.

If you do not live in Scotland but support us, please contact your MP and ask them to set us free or if you are Scottish living outside Scotland ask why is it you cannot vote for Independence.We are not going away any time soon. We are not going back into any kind of box of their making.The U.K. does not exist anymore from our standpoint . We thank for your support and would like to welcome you here to join us in a country that is in the process of liberation and renewal. G.

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