Symbols of rebellion still stir the heart



Walking or driving through any Scottish city or town you will still see symbols of rebellion and resistance which have been left untouched since 2014. I take great pleasure in the glimpses of Yes stickers on signs and even more so when you see the remaining Yes signs on windows of people’s homes. Now in 2017, Yes is 3 years older and 3 years wiser we hope. On the starting blocks of a second Independence referendum the percentage of people likely to vote Yes has increased since last time before we have even started campaigning.  The Tories have boosted the cause of Independence by insisting on taking Scotland out of the EU against our will.Last night 58 out of 59 Scottish MP’s voted against Brexit. Only one, David Mundell voted for it and in doing so performed a devastating act of sabotage to Scotland’s economy and society against the will of the Scottish people.

One, well there is only one,Scottish Labour MP voted with the SNP against Brexit.Hold on let’s be realistic.This isn’t about political commitment.It is more likely to be about careerist self-preservation, for Ian Murray is not known for his strident political commitment. But what about Jeremy Corbyn and the wider ranks of British Labour? With only a few exceptions brave enough to oppose his instructions they all voted for Brexit. As Roger Mullin MP put it ‘ there was shiver running around the Labour front bench looking for  a spine to run up’. It did not find one because Labour hasn’t got a spine.It does not look to make political alliances that could embarrass and defeat the Tories.It is not an opposition anymore. It is the SNP that is the real opposition in Westminster.

Meanwhile back closer to home we see the Green Party making a deal to support the SNP Government over its budget. A more mature and efficient way to make politics work is underway at Holyrood than the cesspool of Westminster. Labour having already stood by and let the Tories away with austerity budgets at a UK level are now crowing about SNP cuts, cuts they presided over at source. They will now pass on the lie that it is the SNP’s ‘fault’. Nicola Sturgeon’s government are getting on with governing and looking out for Scotland’s interests in this pre-Brexit world. Having been warmly welcomed by many European leaders Scotland’s future in Europe has been strengthened. Now we await the firing gun for an independence referendum that will seal our fate and future prosperity.

While we are waiting for this we wonder what will get in the way of achieving Independence this time? Will it be the continuation of Project Fear and the constant barrage of ‘alternative facts’ in the media? Will it be the spun stories of a weakened economy and devalued currency? No definitely not that we are already rock bottom with Brexit. Will it be through division and disunity? Yes probably.

Like last time the goal is gaining Independence. Gaining it will mean that politics is reset in Scotland and parties like the Greens, or an Independent leaning Labour party can come to the fore.For those of us who joined the SNP to show support for Independence this does not mean that SNP will rule for evermore. Politics is an evolving picture over time. Voting Yes this time is essential to our long-term future as a nation. If you voted to  leave the EU but also voted Yes for Independence last time there is no contest.A Yes vote to Independence has to be the winner. Otherwise we get ourselves into a kind of circular , Rock,Paper, Scissors argument over the EU and how bad it is and what about this, what about that.

Independence is the key here.All else can be sorted later including which political parties get involved in governing us. Arguing among ourselves as advocates of Independence is like putting heavy chains round our bodies before starting to run a marathon.

Another sign of division are the voices that say Yes pages should only cover stories about Scotland.’Keep it about Scotland’, ‘Why are you talking about America?’. Scotland is our main aim obviously but we do not want to get Theresa May’s or Nigel Farage’s  ‘Little England’ mentality. Scotland is not ‘little’. Scotland has a vast diaspora of links through the familes that travelled to all the corners of the world either through choice or through being forced to.

We do not apologise about talking about world events on this page because we are connected to it and we want a Scotland that faces outward and gets strength from its international links. We also need to be aware of what goes on in the wider world . Recent events in the US have implications for us here including big issues like where nuclear weapons are stored and how much government cash is spent on them.

Our attitudes to the EU and wider world politics are important but what is most important is the unity of all of us when we start to campaign for independence.We will have more than enough to deal with in the way of BBC and media propaganda without us fighting each other. The role of Yes pages like this one has been to keep the dream alive and to feed people with arguments and information to counter the mis-information of the mass media. The Unionists know this and have not really given up their ‘Project Fear’ which they openly admitted caused them to defeat Yes last time. Project Fear will get used again but it is up to us to resist it and spread the word. For many people doing this for three full years has been a frustrating challenge but we all know what is at stake. Its time to stir the heart once more and shout in one voice  YES SCOTLAND’s FUTURE.  G


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