Labour have ‘previous’ when it comes to lying to the electorate. The image above is from a Scottish Labour election leaflet in the Glasgow area. Just arrived today. No knock on the door, no friendly handshake just a scurry up to the door and posted in the letter box. We can probably deduce from this it was delivered by a paid canvasser and not a dedicated Labour supporting volunteer confident enough to engage with real people.

SLAB first

Similar to ‘Better Together’ tactics during the independence referendum in 2014, Scottish Labour lowered themselves to ‘scare tactics’ when it came to pensioners and older people. This time is no different it seems . Labour have been doing this for years. A quick google on various searches throws up a pile of references to this tactic.

In 2010 Channel 4 news were talking about Labour leaflets as ‘Pure and simple Lies’ as the UK party claimed all sorts of age related benefits were at risk.They specifically targeted older people in a callous way aiming to create fear and scare older people already suffering in Tory Britain. (

Lets take look at the Scottish Labour leaflet for Glasgow’s 2017 May 4th election. The main message is not about local services or politics or important issues facing local communities. The main message is a Unionist message and a very tired ‘SNP bad’ message. What relevance is this to local communities facing real local challenges? The ‘put Glasgow First’ suggests a number of things, as well as appealing to those of a “Britain First’ persuasion it suggests that only Labour can  help Glasgow flourish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets look at all of the ‘pledges’:

  1. ” a Guaranteed job for every 18 -24 year old.’    The guaranteed job for every 18-24 year old is actually a continuation of the Jobs Guarantee Scheme already in place since before 2015 – the wee ‘shouty man’ Gordon Matheson speaks about it here- it is nothing new.
  2. Delivering 30 hours child care for every 3 and 4 year old. The childcare pledge is only slightly better than what they have now and plans to improve childcare from 16 hours to 30 hours have been discussed for the last few years. However the SNP at Government level has done more to improve the infrastructure to improve early years provision and have been discussing provision for 2 year old as well as the work in early years to support new born babies and mothers during pregnancy.
  3. New homes- 25,000 new homes pledged. Housing Statistics for Scotland shows that Glasgow City Council built no houses since 2002- 2003 when it built 18. Housing associations on the other hand built just 774 in the year 2015- 2016. So to say they are going to build 25,000 new homes is like plucking a figure from thin air. You can check all the figures for all of Scotland here—>  There were only just over 900 private homes built in Glasgow in 2015-2016 so even when you combine all of the possible new builds you would have to ‘go some’ to get a figure of 25,000.  It shows contempt for local people who can easily check these facts as I have done.
  4. ‘Cut your bills’ through a Glasgow Energy Company. On the face of it sounds like a good idea but a search of companies house shows no such company exists.No name offered so cannot do detailed check. It is possible to set up such a company but going by available information unless there is one such company ‘waiting in the wings’ this could take years to bring any benefit to local people. So just a glib promise of ‘jam tomorrow’.
  5. This brings us to the Big Daddy Lie of them all. The shockeroonie, the Lulu of a lie that is tucked away like the sucker punch that it is at the end of the ‘checklist’ of falsehoods. ‘Save your Bus Pass- Say No to SNP Bus Pass cuts’. Last time we checked the SNP were promoting local transport initiatives. They are also mitigating against a lot austerity measures imposed on the people of Scotland that Labour at Westminster abstained on. Yet this one is the one that will be lingered on and picked up in the bus shelters of Glasgow-its poisonous and design to cause fear.

So Scottish Labour what do you know? Years of being on the gravy train has reduced you to abusing your own citizens by spinning lies and scare stories. People have woken up but you still depend on weak ‘former MSP’s’ standing as Glasgow City Councillors to prop up a failing council. A council that cannot help homeless people from sleeping in their numbers on the streets of the city.Where are your priorities? We think we know, your priorities are where they have always been in the privileges you take from public office and your eyes on the further privilege of Westminster and the Lords.

We are not falling for it anymore and we at Yes Scotlands Future would urge you all to explain this to any older relatives, friends neighbours you may have . Maybe an old song might help get it across.

A song for Scottish Labour……….

‘O ye canny scare my Granny aff a bus,

Labour canny scare my Granny aff her bus,

O ye canna scare my Granny ‘Cos she’s my Mammy’s Mammy.

Labour canny scare my Granny aff a bus.’

On the 4th of May vote for parties supporting independence, in my area that is the SNP, 1 and 2.

” Oh I will if you will, so will I,

Oh I will if you will so will I,

oh I will if you will so will I’,  pass it on  ………’whistles, creates an ear worm for the election’.

May the 4th be with you. The truth is out there. Buts its not on any Scottish Labour leaflets. G.



Scottish Labour scaring pensioners….again.

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