Theresa,Thatcher and Imelda.

Today we heard the Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to prosecute Tory MP’s and their election agents for over spending on election expenses buying seats basically.

Yesterday there was the revelation that Theresa May was in favour of the re-introduction of fox-hunting as it emerged that some marginal rural seats might be ‘turned’ to favour the Tories. She might even be thinking of some Scottish seats as well. Hunt Saboteurs be aware.

On top of that people’s peak tea time viewing was ruined  by Theresa May and her husband Phillip chatting on the One-Show with Alex Jones and Matt Baker about being a normal, happy family. In Theresa’s household there are ‘boys’ jobs and ‘girl’ jobs apparently. Some people were checking their calendars to see if they had been whisked back in time to 1972.

In a carefully scripted and controlled ‘humanising’ PR exercise that was totally cringe-worthy we learned about her love of shoes. (So that’s what she has in common with ex Philipines First Lady Imelda Marcos, famous for her massive shoe collection. She had an entire room in the Presidential palace devoted to them).

No ‘killer’ questions allowed not even from Matt Baker who when interviewing David Cameron in 2011 asked him ‘How do you sleep at night?’ which left Cameron nearly falling off the sofa! Matt Baker, all round green guy and conservationist must have been itching to ask about the fox-hunting question at least , but no the PR people were in total control.

It was all carefully designed to ‘humanise’ Theresa May ahead of the General Election but let’s be under no illusions about Theresa May. In some ways she is more right-wing and more dangerous than Thatcher ever was.

Thatcher’s legacy in Scotland was to de-industrialise the central belt, wrecking communities in the process. Shipbuilding, Steel , coal mining, car manufacturing and all the related support industries were stripped out one by one. The devastation was visual, visceral, in your face, the destruction of Scottish towns and villages with a proud record of ‘service’ in breaking production records and achieving world-class quality standards.

Last week we suffered from the post-local council election analysis where both the Tories and the mainstream media were falling over each other to proclaim the Tories as the main victors when actually the SNP increased their vote by over 106,000. The Tories survive on ‘spin’ and deceit.

They have spun their way out of a damaging series of prosecutions for electoral fraud that surely would have wrecked the upcoming election. They are spinning like mad over Brexit when the EU leaders are happy to tell the public how ill-prepared the Tories are for what lies ahead.

Last weeks best spin was ‘The Tories made gains in solid working class areas like Ravenscraig and Ferguslie Park’. Well they should know about Ravenscraig at least because it was Thatcher who shut it down. It lay derelict from 1992 when 770 direct jobs were lost and a further 10,000 indirect jobs were also lost. The toxicity due to years of contamination has limited what could be done to the site but there has been some regeneration recently.

£200million has already been invested in the area, resulting in the creation of a state-of-the-art campus for New College Lanarkshire, a new regional sports facility, 330 homes sold and a £2.9million pub and restaurant built by brewers Marston’s. Much of this was on the SNP’s watch since 2007.  More recently the SNP took action  to save the remaining steel jobs when SNP ministers launched an international search for a buyer for Tata Steels Clydebridge and Dalzell plants and succeeded.

The main point to be made here is that those ‘solid working class areas’ the Tories have boasted about making gains in have changed demographics. Years of regeneration projects not linked to Tory rule have changed the housing stock in these areas with new housing and the movement of people. The single transferrable vote system (STV) also favours a spread of parties being elected, especially when each constituency ward has 3 or even 4 vacant seats. The system is designed to do this. The Tories could put a blue rosette on a donkey and get it elected under this system ( In some places they have given serious thought to this strategy) So all of this is more ‘spin’ and the Unionist Murdoch media (whom Theresa May recently met with) are only too willing to help.

Comedian Eddie Cassidy on twitter commented after May’s One-show appearance :

‘To balance Theresa May appearing on the One Show, the BBC will link Corbyn with a string of unsolved murders on Crimewatch’.

You have to laugh or else you would go mad at the incredible arrogance and the brazen distortions of the truth the Tories now carry out on a daily basis.

We are left to speculate on Theresa May’s legacy. What will it be?

What we do know is that Scotland is at a cross roads. Win the election by returning a majority of SNP MP’s and gain a second Independence referendum or lose seats to the Tories through Tory and Labour’s Unionist collaborations and be consigned to decades of more brutal Tory austerity.

But we think there is a bigger game plan for Theresa May. Brexit came about as a product of Tory in-fighting.UKIP are finished in the UK because the Tories have out UKIPed UKIP. They have lurched to the far right and the recent Tory announcements are looking more like PR driven advertising campaigns designed to get them the most seats so they can drive through whatever changes they want to unopposed. When Ed Miliband called for an ‘energy cap’ a few years back the Tories called him a Marxist, now they have picked up the policy with glee. They see labour as weakened and unelectable so the window of opportunity is wide open to them to exploit.They want to take votes from Labour in England.

What is on the shopping list for Theresa May ?

  • Total privatisation of the NHS in England for starters.
  • Abolition of the Scottish Devolution settlement and parliament is on the list,
  • followed by similar attacks to our NHS in Scotland.

BREXIT is also on the list and has been partially achieved but the fall out of that process remains unknown apart from the obvious chaos it will cause.

Out of chaos comes cash and you better believe the Tories financial backers are lined up waiting to cash in.

So we hope that none of this is achieved and that Theresa May’s legacy is not the same as Margaret Thatcher’s but more like Imelda Marcos’s, her lasting legacy to the people of the Philippines was just a rotting pile of mouldy shoes. G




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