Scottish Labour attacking our NHS – or what Kezia Dugdale did on her holidays.

Labour in England have done little to protect staff from privatisation and bad treatment of whistleblowers. Years of abstaining and Labours inability to stand up to austerity in Parliament. They refused to form potentially successful alliances at Westminster and this has led to essential services in England being close to collapse.
For Kezia Dugdale to attack the Scottish NHS  at  this time is unbelievable and shows Scottish Labour are prepared to attack the success of the Scottish Government in managing imposed austerity above all else. Bang the drum Kezia, SNP bad;SNP bad;SNP bad. The record is on repeat, over and over and over.
The reality is different. Do not be misled. The current Scottish Labour leader encouraged people to tactically vote Tory in certain areas to defeat the SNP. In so doing she practically single-handedly stopped any chance of Corbyn getting into Number 10.
While it looks like her coat could be on a shoogly peg she has apparently been cooking up some ‘stuff’ to whine about ahead of the re-opening of parliament. In a blatant attack on the NHS she has criticised the Scottish government by stating there is a staffing crisis.
Does she not know we have an ageing population and people now live much longer and have multiple conditions?
Listen to the staff and the people helping to run the NHS in Scotland and stop attacking them. Learn about their challenges don’t carp from the sidelines about them.
Here are some facts Kezia Dugdale maybe does not know about or understand.She certainly doesn’t want people to know about them either, she just wants to complain and attack the Scottish Government in the media and hopes that some mud will stick.
Multimorbidity is commonly defined as the presence of two or more chronic medical conditions in an individual and it can present several challenges in care particularly with higher numbers of coexisting conditions and related multiple pharmacy demands.
The Scottish NHS is to be congratulated and not attacked by careerist politicians worried about their jobs.Scotland’s health has been a challenge for Nicola Sturgeon in the past.It used to be her portfolio. Scotland’s health is not just about waiting times even though ours are a whole lot better than down south. The social determinants of health are also vital signs government needs to attend to. Constant carping by Scottish Labour on performance management trivia ignores this.
Childhood,housing,education,social support, family income, employment, our communities and general access to services all determine our health. Scottish Labour shows no understanding of this in its ‘bean-counter’ criticism of the NHS in Scotland.
All of these issues need addressing by government and in Scotland we have good track record in all of these areas. Recent research highlighted this and praised NHS Scotland for having lessons NHS England could learn from.
We also on this page support and want to express our solidarity with NHS staff in England and Wales. In London we have seen staff mount campaigns to save hospitals from creeping privatisation in Lewisham and elsewhere. In terms of health and social care the Tories have already sold off huge swathes of budgeted spend to the likes of Virgin Health Care.
Staff in England are really up against it.The ‘direction of travel’ is clearly full-scale privatisation. This video ( click on the link that pops up) tells us some of what they are going through. Even people who are highlighting dangerous practice are being punished by an increasingly harsh regime.
Scottish Labour still think they can get away with treating us like a branch of Northern Britain.Some in Labour , bolstered by Corbyn’s popularity are now suggesting Labour can win an election.As someone who lived through the politics of Thatcher I am not inclined to hold my breath too long for that in case I suffocate.
Here is what Neil Kinnock did on his holidays when Labour was trying to topple Thatcher while she was destroying Scotland’s industrial heartlands.
We have come too far to be won back to Labour.The likely outcome in England over the next few years will continue to be a right-wing one despite the current Corbynist posturing. As a socialist I took the decision some time ago to achieve social justice in Scotland through achieving our own independence like the other 140 countries that chose independence since 1945. In the process we will assist other people in other outposts of ‘Northern Britain’ to achieve their aspirations.
The recent twists and turns of EU/Brexit and General Elections do nothing to change that basic fact. We can do better for our own people ourselves and we can be rid of a Union that will continually drag us down.
As for our First Minister, we hear she has had a nice holiday and is continuing in the tradition of taking selfies with Scotland’s children. We hope you had a good rest Nicola. G.

One thought on “Scottish Labour attacking our NHS – or what Kezia Dugdale did on her holidays.

  1. An excellent piece, characterised by calm honest appraisal. The relentless propaganda by the Unionist parties against the SNP’s sound management of SNHS, is a reminder that the biggest challenge to voters is working out who is speaking the truth.

    In Scotland at least, this challenge is made easier by Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie, who always lie about the SNHS and the Scottish Government. It is those lies which ensure they remain on the Unionist gravy train.


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