BT2- The Sound of Silence


It seems beyond doubt that the Yes campaign for #scotref will build upwards from the foundations of the first Indyref. There are of course still questions and issues which need addressing more fully (like currency). However Better Together will not have that continuity as barely a shred, if even that, of their first campaign remains standing. As a result everyone involved with UKOK is now tainted by the lies and deception that they were complicit with.

Add to that the economic failure of Westminster, the chaos of Brexit, EVEL, and the anticipated spiralling costs of replacing Trident. And let’s not forget the desperation of the conservatives deal with the utterly unpalatable DUP.

The emphasis for a Scottish referendum has reversed since 2014. Last time it was about explaining why independence would be the better option but any future referendum in 2018/19 will understandably focus more on why Scotland should remain in a failing and comprehensively debunked union!

So my question is this…

What can Better Together offer Scotland for the now inevitable indyref2? And beyond that why would the people of Scotland believe a word of what they say or VOW or promise the second time around?
Let’s now hear the unionists POSITIVE CASE FOR THE UNION!! Cue the silence…

– Martin

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