The worst lies are the biggest- the BBC knows

We note with some dismay that the BBC are still persisting with todays BIG LIE that services personnel will suffer under the new tax rules by the Scottish government . Heard it on the news this morning and again just now on News at Six so it must be true right? Yes we know, don’t listen to the BBC, don’t watch it, etc,. Trouble is a lot of people still do. So we must flush out lies like this every day we see them.

Why do you think the staff numbers at David Mundell’s ‘bunker’ are so large and the social media ( cough) budget is so massive? There is an orchestrated campaign going on to keep people unaware at least and critical at best of all things positive about Scotland.

Earlier this morning we posted an excellent ‘fact checking’ post from the Ferret which nailed this story as false. Why then would a public broadcast giant like the BBC persist with the lie through out the day if it had been proven wrong-if it did not have a political agenda?

This is why we think it is worth repeating and exploring. We would urge Yes Scotlands Future page followers to consider making a complaint to the BBC over this gross misrepresentation. You learn how to do so HERE.




Thank you for your support.

Team YSF





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