Who do you think you are kidding?

We know the media is biased, nothing new there. But it still grates. We can hear you say ‘I don’t listen/watch the BBC’, but many people still do. It is important to know what is being lied about so you can challenge it.This will become even more important. So today’s drive time radio was very entertaining as it illustrated the way BBC broadcasters sometimes struggle to spin a good story into a bad story and fail.

“Scotland agrees deal for ‘unaffordable’ cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi” was the headline and it covered the news that Scotland was leading the race to help reduce the cost of a life changing drug for 350 sufferers in Scotland. Leading charities are falling over themselves to congratulate the Scottish Government for negotiating an undisclosed discount with the drug company to benefit people here. Campaigners hope the same approach can work elsewhere. On radio it seemed the BBC were wrong footed. They took a questioning approach during the interview like a pack of Hyenas looking for a weakened antelope.

The people contributing to the ‘piece’ were fulsome in their praise to both the Scottish Government and the campaigners. It just didn’t fit with the script and at one point the question was raised by the BBC , ‘Are you sure this is not just using the Scottish public as guinea pigs?’ Stooping very low indeed, only to be successfully rebutted by a very knowledgable charity spokesperson. They were rattled.

On the same part of the programme was a segment about Joanna Cherry’s legal teams move to put an insurance ( maybe even a backstop!) in place in case the bold Boris refuses to ask for an article 50 extension.

Joanna Cherry’s team have filed another legal challenge in the Scottish courts to compel Boris Johnson to seek an extension to article 50.

“The inner house of the Scottish Court of Session has a special jurisdiction – nobile officium – which can be used to send any letter that the prime minister refuses to send”

So if Johnson refuses to ask the EU for an extension, as he’s repeatedly suggested, they would ask this court to legally ask for an extension on the prime minister’s behalf, completely bypassing Boris Johnson.

This didnt go to well for the BBC either and at one point the legal expert they were interviewing pointed out that he didn’t understand what the question was , which was very diplomatic language for ‘you are talking mince good chap’. Another instance of the presenter being ‘rattled’ and it was not all going to plan.

We are reminded of the old Unionist dinosaur Lord Foulkes who famously equated increased efficiency in government by the SNP as ‘they are doing it deliberately’, meaning ‘we ( Labour) were shite and you lot (SNP) have really showed us up’

Baron Foulkes of Cumnock

Lord Foulkes asked parliamentary questions to ‘expose’ the SNP Government’s waste and mismanagment. In the event he only exposed the last administration’s incompetence and huge expenses.
Among the details uncovered were:-
The SNP is spending around 40 % less than the previous Labour and Liberal Democrat on PR costs and communication officer costs. The famous Labour spin never comes cheap.
The number of comparable ministerial car journeys has decreased by 500 by the new SNP government.

His latest blunder was a free gift to the SNP. One of the youngest members of the parliament, Jamie Hepburn could not resist:”I would like to thank Lord George Foulkes for going to such lengths to expose the efficiency and effectiveness of the SNP Government in contrast to the waste and excess of the Labour and Lib Dem administration.

Back to the present time it is clear that the BBC presenters get confused when it does not go to plan. They get rattled.

As Corporal Jones would say in ‘Dad’s Army’ – ‘They don’t like it up em’. We can imagine a post Brexit world remake of that series, if we are not all living in caves. It will have a cast of mainly Scots, Irish and Welsh characters with one lone English character who’s only line is ‘We are doomed, doomed’

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